Unholy Baptism

dead pool 72Have been working furiously to get stuff done for sudden deadlines.


sacrifice 72dpi

new work

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Petty Gods 2015

Petty Gods is finally available! A free pdf is here and you can buy a print copy at cost from LuLu here.

Petty Gods is a book of made-up religions, deities and stuff for fantasy RPGs. Need details on a a god of wine vats, the patron of haberdashers or the priesthood of left handed blue-eyed ox cart drivers? Petty Gods has you covered! I contributed a few bits of artwork inluding these naked cultists up to no good:evil snake cult 72dpi

Harry Clark

Annie recently bought a copy of ‘Dr. Faustus’ illustrated by Harry Clark. Clark isn’t an artist I know a lot about, but as an admirer of Rackham I find myself wondering why I haven’t spent more time looking at his work. As an example, here is the orangutang from Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue.”


Lots of great Harry Clark illustrations, both black and white and color, here: http://50watts.com/filter/harry-clarke#Harry-Clarke-Revisited

Bird’s Eye Battle View

handout a atomic overlord 72lRecent work for Goodman Games. Click to enlarge.


MonopolyJail1Everyone has an opinion about the riots in Baltimore. Middle aged suburbanites look at the disdainful faces of TV talking heads as they endlessly show video of people kicking their way through the windows of check cashing stores. We then shake our heads and mutter something about the failure of ‘those people’ to improve their own lot. I’ve made a point of avoiding the coverage of Baltimore simply because I think the media only gets interested in Baltimore and its problems when it boils over. I think this pot was put on the stove with the burner cranked up a long time ago. Chickens coming home to roost should surprise no one but the Wolf Blitzers of the world always seem to work up the proper mixture of hurt and outrage for the camera every time.

When I was a young and impressionable kid, I remember being invited to play a game of Monopoly by my older siblings. I think I was flattered by the invitation but didn’t understand the rules. “That’s OK,” my older brother said. “We’ll teach you as we go along!” We chose our tokens, rolled the dice and started to play. When my top hat landed on the square that said I had to pay a ‘Luxury Tax,’ my brother informed me that I had to pay the tax to him because he held the deed on Park Place and that was the most luxurious property on the board. It made a certain logical sense, so I gave him the $75.00. When I got the ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card, my sister said I had to give it to her because she had chosen the boot shaped token and the card had a picture of a boot kicking the Monopoly man out of jail. When someone later tried to tell me that I had to give them two hundred dollars because I was sitting to the left of the player using the battleship token, I finally figured out that “teach you the rules as we go along,” meant that I wasn’t going to be playing by the same rules as everyone else. I’d like to tell you that I flipped the board over and called them a bunch of cheaters, but it’s more likely that I left the table with tears in my eyes.

I don’t think we should be surprised at what happened in Baltimore, or in Ferguson or anywhere else where the status quo has people predestined for impossibly frustrating non-participation in modern society from the get-go. That the Wolf Blitzers of the world pretend to be surprised and outraged that the angry mob loots a check cashing store is just reflecting the faith in ‘the American Dream’ back at those who still have a smell of a chance of being able to participate in it. To claim that the eternally underserved don’t even have a right to be angry is to add insult to the injury of those who are aware of their own lack of privilege.


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