Utzum the Mad Update, plus works in B&W

Pedro Gil of La Marca Del Este send me preview pdfs of the adventure I illustrated which has just been sent to the printers. The final title is, “La Cripta nefanda de Uztum el Maldito,” which I think translates to, “The Nefarious Crypt of Utzum the Mad” (my Spanish is pretty bad, though, so take my translation with a big spoon of salt). Here is the cover — looks pretty swell in a lurid, pulpy way if I may say so:

Uztum-Cover for web

In addition, I’ve been doing some B&W work to practice and develop my skills a little. These are done mostly with crow quill pen and brush on Bristol, with textures added with these fancy schmancy “manga” fine tip pens I bought at the art store. The first is a ‘future woman’ confronting a mutant:

mutant encounter 72

The second is an illustration of a story I am sort of mulling over in the back of my mind… it involves horrible monsters, eunuchs, slaves with exploding torture collars and hair-raising adventures… guess I should start to write this stuff down before I forget it all. What form (if any) this story will finally take is up in the air… I am not much of a writer… maybe it will just be some drawings and a brief outline at first.

cassius and flesh horror 72

Expanded Petty Gods, U-Con 2014

I spent most of yesterday at U-Con (in Ypsilanti, Michigan) where I hung out at Roy Snyder’s’ game sales/DCC booth, signed a couple books and made some new friends. I got a chance to see some of Doug Kovac’s art up close (it looks even better in person if you can believe it — the images just GLOW) and played in Adam Muszkiewicz’s DCC game (“Slaves of the Silicon God”), ate too much and then had to come home because a sinus infection has been kicking my ass lately and I knew I had to get up today to clean our gutters before the first snow. “Slaves of the Silicon God” was a real hoot and if you get a chance to play in one of Adam’s con games, do it. My first PC (“Jerkal the Blazing!”) managed to survive a rock thrown to the head and a face plant after a 10 foot fall from a rooftop onto a balcony only to get pecked to pieces by giant evil birds inside a ruined temple — probably not an unexpected result when running around with just 1 hit point. His replacement, a cleric of L. Ron Hubbard, survived the adventure after having incurred great disfavor from his god while blowing spell rolls and heal rolls left and right and will probably spend an eternity stuffed inside a volcano as a result. As a party we managed to more or less accomplish our mission but also probably doomed ourselves and others because of our trusting natures and propensity to fuck around with shit we really probably ought to have left alone.

Today, after gutters were cleaned, I caught up on chores and finished this drawing for the new Expanded Petty Gods book being ushered into existence by Richard LeBlanc / Save vs Dragon. Like I always said, it doesn’t count as full frontal male nudity if you can’t see the tip.

evil snake cult 72dpi

Utzum The Mad vs. Our Heroes

catacomb cover v1 72dpi

Here is a color image for Adventuras en la Marca Del Este. It shows the heroes featured in the B&W work (a dwarf, female cleric, human fighter and wizard) confronting the villain, Utzum the Mad, his two mushroom men allies and a golem. The golem is supposed to be a ‘wax golem’ but it gives me a chuckle to think of it as a ‘butter golem’ since it is yellow. Perhaps Utzum is a foodie wizard who will sautee those mushroom men in melted butter golem.

Pedro Gil tells me that these new adventures will be eventually also released in the US.  Aventuras en la Marca del Este (www.lamarcadeleste.com ) is a Spanish retro-clone RPG (also published in Italy and USA, http://xdpublishing.com/). They also work on Walküre (www.walkure.es , http://www.verkami.com/projects/7119-walkure-el-juego-de-rol) and other projects.

U-Con 2014

I’ll be at U-Con on Saturday the 15th. In the afternoon, I’ll be a player in one of +Adam Muszkiewicz ‘s DCC games (looking forward to that) at 2pm. I’ll also probably hang around the DCC booth in the morning (or whenever) and look forward to meeting up with anyone else who will be there. I am happy to sign books that I contributed artwork to or whatnot.

I have no big plans other than to enjoy the people and say hello. Please drop me a line if you want to meet and press the flesh.

Travels of Sir John Mandeville and finishing things

I predicted “GAMERGATE”

No, actually that’s a lie. But I did write a scathing (SCATHING, I TELL YOU) bit about ‘journalistic ethics’ when it comes to written reviews back in January 2013 that seems uncharacteristically prescient for someone like me. It was originally posted on my now gone and unlamented ‘Aldeboran’ blog, so some of the links might not work, but this is one of the posts that made the migration to the new blog. Read and enjoy : “Fanning the Flames of Commerce.” (Edit: Forgot link! Sorry!)

For no particular reason, here is a painting of a Piasa that I did a long time ago. I still can’t decide if I love or loathe the baguette feet or not. Does that Piasa look ready to feast on French furtrappers or what?


Happy Halloween

pumpkinbear 72


New Work for ‘Adventuras En La Marca Del Este’

I recently completed some work for publishers in Spain, ‘Adventuras En La Marca Del Este,’ for a new line of adventures they are publishing. These are eventually to be available in the US (and probably in English), but its great to have some more international credits to my name. I wish I had done better in high school Spanish class so I could understand more of what is going on. Google translate something that is to be desired it does leave. The title of the publication is “La Catacumba nefanda de Uztum el Maldito” which I think translates to English as, “The Nefarious Catacombs of Utzum the Evil Fucker” or something like that.

You can visit the above linked site for more details (providing you understand Spanish!) and more illustration samples. I still owe them a color painting; I will be continuing work on that this weekend. Below is one of my favorites… an old, blind alchemist working in her lab with her scribe and crooked-eyed assistant.

zenobias lab 72dpi


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